Can I Have Teeth Whitening If I Have Dental Implants?

25 Mar 2021 by  admin in Dental Implants Resources, Whitening

Both dental implants and teeth whitening will improve your smile, although they accomplish this in different ways. A cosmetic dentist will use implants to replace missing teeth and preserve jawbone density– whereas teeth whitening will achieve exactly what the name implies. If you already have dental implants, you might be wondering whether you can now have teeth whitening. There are two main areas of concern– is teeth whitening safe for the implant material, and will it be effective at whitening your partially synthetic smile? Read on to find the answers.

Getting teeth whitening with dental implants

Firstly, yes, teeth whitening is safe for the synthetic material of the dental implant. The whitening gel will only come into contact with the porcelain crown. This material is quite durable and will not be damaged by either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

Secondly, will teeth whitening be effective on dental implants or other restorations? Unfortunately, no. The whitening gel will only work on your natural teeth; it will not affect the shade of your synthetic crowns. Similarly, the whitening gel will not work on dental veneers. This is true regardless of whether you opt for over-the-counter whitening products or stronger, professional-grade treatments available from your cosmetic dentist.

Will dental implants develop stains?

Although dental implants won’t be affected by teeth whitening, they are also highly resistant to staining. A person’s natural teeth are susceptible to developing stains over time. This is often due to exposure to pigmented foods and beverages, including tea, coffee, wine, berries, and spaghetti sauce.

The good news is that implant crowns are made of porcelain with a protective finish, which does not readily absorb the pigments from foods and beverages. In other words, your natural teeth might develop discolorations over time, but your dental implants will stay the same shade.

Some patients are concerned about their natural teeth and their implants having two different shades. Your cosmetic dentist can correct this issue. Schedule an appointment for teeth whitening in Huntington, Long Island before you receive dental implants. Then, your dentist can adjust the shade of the implant crowns to match the rest of your smile. Subsequently, when you have periodic teeth whitening treatments to bleach your natural teeth, they will match your implant crowns.

Consult the cosmetic dentists on Long Island

If you’re thinking about getting teeth whitening or dental implants, turn to the dental team you can rely on to prioritize your health and safety. The entire team at Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry go the extra mile to ensure that every patient has a comfortable, positive experience. Plus, our office is fully equipped with the latest in dental technologies. Call to request an appointment for teeth whitening or dental implants in Suffolk County, Long Island.

Please note we are currently open for all appointments, including cosmetic dentistry. We follow COVID-19 safety protocols recommended by the CDC and the American Dental Association (ADA).


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