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How Can I Make My Teeth Whiter?

31 Jan 2020 by  admin in Whitening

Everyone wants—and deserves—a beautiful smile. But the things you eat and drink every day can gradually make your teeth dull, discolored, and even yellowish. Coffee, red wine, green tea, and berries are common culprits, but who wants to give up coffee just to get whiter teeth? The good news is that you don’t have to. All you need is a little help from your cosmetic dentist.

Professional in-office teeth whitening

There are lots of methods of removing surface stains from teeth, but by far the most effective one is professional-grade teeth whitening solution. You can only get this from your dentist’s office. At Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer the Sinsational Smiles® teeth whitening system. It takes less than one hour, and you can see the results right away. In fact, your teeth can be lightened several shades in just one visit!

In-office teeth whitening, also referred to as chairside teeth whitening, involves filling a comfortable silicone tray with prescription-grade whitening gel. When fitting the tray to your mouth, the dentist will take care to protect your sensitive gum tissue. Once your teeth are exposed to the solution, the dentist will use a special LED light to activate the bleaching agent and further accelerate your whitening results.

Custom-fitted take-home whitening trays

While in-office teeth whitening doesn’t require a lengthy appointment, some people still prefer to whiten their teeth at home. This method takes longer to achieve results, but with a professional-grade whitening gel, you can still achieve teeth that are whiter by several shades. Unlike the whitening strips you can buy in the supermarket, these take-home kits won’t cause irritation to your sensitive gum tissue. That is because the dentist will create custom-fitted trays for you to use at home.

Over-the-counter (OTC) whitening products

Many oral care products available over the counter contain whitening ingredients, like baking soda. Note that OTC products do not contain the professional-grade whitening gel that you can get from a cosmetic dentist, so you shouldn’t expect dramatic results with these products. However, you can use these whitening products after undergoing professional teeth whitening. They will help remove light surface stains to preserve the results of your teeth whitening treatment.

Whenever you choose an oral care product, always look for the seal of the American Dental Association (ADA). Toothpaste, mouth rinse, or other oral care products that carry the ADA seal have been proven to be safe for use as directed.

Get started making your teeth whiter today!

You can find out the best teeth whitening method for your smile when you visit the team at Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry. Sit down with Dr. Nick or Dr. Elliot during your one-on-one consultation and discuss your expectations for your smile. In addition to in-office teeth whitening, we offer custom-fitted take-home trays with professional-grade whitening gel. To enhance your whiter smile further, consider talking to the cosmetic dentist about one of our other treatments, like Invisalign and tooth-colored fillings. Get in touch today to request a consult in Huntington, LI.

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4 Surprising Reasons Your Teeth Turn Yellow

9 Dec 2019 by  admin in Whitening

you can easily lighten your teeth by several shades in less than an hour! There are many dental problems that can cause serious oral health issues, like gum disease and tooth decay. While yellow teeth aren’t as medically serious as other dental health problems, they can adversely affect your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Yellow teeth also affect the way people perceive you. Since you probably aren’t as likely to smile often if you’re worried about your teeth being discolored, other people might perceive you as unfriendly or socially awkward. Professional-grade teeth whitening can easily fix this. However, it also helps to know about these surprising reasons why your teeth might turn yellow.

Drinking lightly colored sodas

It makes sense that colas would cause tooth discoloration. After all, it contains strong pigments that readily cling to the enamel and make it look dull. But many people assume that they are safe as long as they only choose lightly colored sodas. Actually, any color of soda will stain your teeth. That’s because sodas are highly acidic and can cause considerable damage to the enamel. If you’re looking for an impactful, yet manageable New Year’s resolution for next year, consider kicking the soda habit!

Drinking white wine

Much like soda, people assume that only red wine will cause yellowed teeth. Unfortunately, both types of wine can indeed cause stains. To confirm this theory, researchers from New York University submerged teeth in glasses of red and white wine for an hour. They then placed the teeth in black tea. Surprisingly, the teeth that had been submerged in white wine developed the most significant staining from the black tea. This suggests that if you’re going to drink white wine, you’ll need to brush your teeth immediately afterward to avoid staining. Otherwise, eating or drinking anything pigmented (including berries and pasta sauce) will cause discoloration.

Cancer treatments

There are so many difficult things about going through cancer treatment. One of the surprising side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy is yellowed teeth. Cancer patients are more likely to notice that their teeth become yellowish-brown, rather than primarily yellowish. Of course, you shouldn’t stop taking any medications you’ve been prescribed. Just know that once it is over, you do have the option of whitening your teeth.

Getting older

No matter how careful you are to avoid pigmented foods and beverages in your daily diet, you are still susceptible to getting discolored teeth simply by getting older. It’s unavoidable. It happens because the dentin (the layer underneath the enamel) naturally turns yellower over time. At the same time, the enamel gets thinner, allowing the yellowed dentin to become more visible. While teeth whitening treatments can’t always correct age-related discoloration, there is another option to consider. Talk to your cosmetic dentist about porcelain veneers.

Get a beautiful, white smile in Huntington today!

Yellow teeth can be socially awkward and they can negatively affect your self-confidence. However, you can easily lighten your teeth by several shades in less than an hour! Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry is pleased to offer professional-grade teeth whitening services at our Huntington, LI location. Alternatively, you can opt to use our custom-made take-home whitening trays with a professional-grade whitening agent that isn’t available in stores.

Contact us today to schedule a teeth whitening appointment with Dr. Nick or Dr. Elliot. We also offer porcelain veneers!


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What Is the Best Whitener for Your Teeth?

25 Oct 2019 by  admin in Whitening

A beautiful smile is often the first thing people notice about a person. But if your teeth have coffee stains, or are otherwise dull or discolored, you may feel uncomfortable when meeting someone for the first time. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Maybe you’ve already tried over-the-counter whitening strips, whitening toothpastes, or trays. While these may provide some relief, professional-grade teeth whitening treatments are far more effective in helping someone brighten and whiten their smile, and the results are longer lasting.

There are many options for an individual to pursue, but with so many, it can be hard to decide what’s right for you. The best way to determine the right teeth whitening treatment for you is to consult with an expert cosmetic dentist.

For individuals in the Huntington area, the award-winning doctors of Long Island Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry can help you. Dr. Nick and Dr. Elliot are experts in offering professional-grade teeth whitening in Huntington, Long Island that boosts confidence and helps smiles return to their optimal appearance and health.

What is whitening?

Teeth whitening is a process that eliminates discoloration and stains on teeth by enhancing natural pigmentation and lightening shades of color. Beyond genetics and age, there are two types of discoloration that can affect tooth color – extrinsic and intrinsic stains.

With extrinsic stains, the surface of the enamel is easily stained, often causing a yellow or brown color. This can be due to coffee, tea, nicotine, tar, and certain foods or beverages.

On the other hand, intrinsic stains occur on the inner structure of the tooth, making these stains more difficult to remove. In these cases, teeth will turn gray due to side effects of antibiotics or natural degradation of teeth pigment.

Types of treatments

There are two main types of effective teeth whitening treatments that the doctors will discuss with you.

In-office whitening: This is a quick and effective solution for those with sensitive teeth. Using a bleaching gel and special laser light in less than an hour, you’ll walk out with the most effective results and a brighter, healthier-looking smile. You’ll also receive a take-home whitening gel to maintain the effects of the treatment for longer.

At-home trays: Our Long Island doctors will work with you to create a series of customized trays and identify the proper at-home whitening kit that’s right for your needs. Though similar in style to what you find in the store, these kits are far more powerful and effective to use in the comfort of your home. Simply use for 30 minutes and continue the treatment for the full 10 days.

Schedule your teeth whitening appointment today!

If you think you’re ready for a professional-grade whitening treatment, you should schedule a consultation with our Huntington, Long Island dentists.

At your first meeting, Dr. Nick or Dr. Elliot will seek to understand your goals and preferences for a brighter smile. They will examine your mouth and determine which treatment is more effective for you based on the condition of your teeth, associated crowns, additional restorations, or other factors.

They also will walk you through the procedures and necessary steps for maintaining a bright smile after treatment. Request an appointment today at our Huntington office!

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Is Teeth Whitening More Effective on Certain Color Stains?

10 Sep 2019 by  admin in Whitening

No one wants their smile to be yellowish, dingy, or dull. The solution to a less than pearly white smile is professional teeth whitening. However, you should know that teeth whitening may not work quite as well on certain color stains. Fortunately, you do have other options available to fix your cosmetic problem areas. Talk to a cosmetic dentist to find out more.

“One of the reasons why we urge patients to come in for a consult is that the information you’ll find online isn’t tailored to their specific situation,” says Dr. Nick at Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry in Huntington. “Teeth whitening is a good example. While it works well on many patients, others need an individually tailored treatment plan,” he added.

Extrinsic tooth stains

Extrinsic tooth stains are those that occur on the outer layer of the tooth. These stains affect the layer of enamel, rather than the inner layer of dentin. Extrinsic stains tend to be yellowish in color. They are often caused by the repeated consumption of pigmented foods and beverages, such as red wine, green tea, blueberries, and marinara sauce.

While extrinsic stains can be unappealing, the good news is that they respond very well to professional-grade teeth whitening. In fact, you’ll notice that your teeth are several shades lighter by the time you leave the dentist’s office! You may need to schedule touch-up appointments about every four to six months to maintain your results, depending on your diet and lifestyle.

Intrinsic tooth stains

As the name implies, intrinsic tooth stains affect the inner layer of dentin, rather than the outer layer of enamel. Because these stains are on the inside of the teeth, they do not respond well to teeth whitening. It may be possible to lighten them, but this may require multiple visits to the dentist’s office for teeth whitening.

Intrinsic tooth stains can occur due to a variety of factors. One common reason is the use of the medication tetracycline, which can cause a bluish-grayish stain. Another possible reason is fluorosis, a condition that can occur during childhood development due to the excessive intake of fluoride. (Drinking fluoridated water and having fluoride treatments as recommended by a dentist will not result in fluorosis.) It’s also possible to develop intrinsic tooth stains as a result of physical trauma to the face, which is why hockey players are often susceptible to them.

Although intrinsic tooth stains may not respond well to tooth whitening treatments, they are treatable in other ways. Your cosmetic dentist may recommend applying porcelain veneers, which are wafer-thin sheets that bond firmly onto the front sides of the teeth to camouflage imperfections like stubborn stains. Another option is to cap the tooth with a crown, which will completely cover it.

Schedule your personalized teeth whitening consult today!

To find out whether teeth whitening is a good option for you, schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Nick or Dr. Elliot at Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry. We offer chair-side whitening, as well as professional-grade take-home trays for your convenience. If you could benefit from another method of cosmetic enhancement, we also offer beautiful porcelain veneers and same-day dental crowns! Call us in South Huntington, Long Island at 631-212-8025 to request an appointment today!

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