What Dental Procedures Require Sedation?

21 May 2021 by  admin in Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is commonly used for all types of procedures, including cosmetic and restorative dentistry. In fact, many people request mild sedation even for routine appointments such as cleanings and exams. Even if you feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair, you will likely need sedation for tooth extractions, root canals, dental implant placements, and similar procedures.

Tooth extractions

A dentist’s primary goal is to save the natural tooth whenever possible. Unfortunately, sometimes a tooth is too badly damaged by disease or physical trauma. In addition, wisdom teeth are routinely removed to address or prevent problems such as overcrowding. You may wish to have a sedative during this procedure. Dental sedation is strongly recommended for those undergoing wisdom tooth extraction, as this procedure can be complex, particularly if the wisdom tooth is impacted.

Root canals

If your dentist determines that a tooth affected by disease or physical trauma is salvageable, it may need a root canal. It is often performed when the roots of a tooth are affected by infection or inflammation. The procedure cleans out the infection and seals the canals to prevent them from becoming re-infected.

Although a sedative is not strictly necessary for a root canal (the dentist will ensure your mouth is thoroughly numbed before proceeding), it can certainly be helpful. A root canal can be a lengthy procedure, as the dentist must carefully remove the pulp and clean out each of the root canals. Afterward, you will need a crown to restore the tooth and strengthen it.

Dental implant placement

If you need to have one or more teeth extracted, or you have already lost some of your natural teeth (wisdom teeth excluded), then it’s time to start thinking about a dental implant procedure. It’s possible to replace missing teeth with dentures, but implants are generally the preferred restoration option. This is because they are permanently planted within the jawbone, which helps preserve the jawbone’s density. It also allows patients to enjoy a beautiful, natural-looking smile that functions normally.

These days, a dental implant procedure is relatively routine. However, it can take one to two hours to place every implant. A sedative can help patients get through the time in the dentist’s chair without feeling anxious. It’s common to use intravenous sedation during a dental implant procedure, as this provides a deeper level of relaxation than oral conscious sedation or nitrous oxide.

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